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Why Root-Cause Health Coaching® transformed my health coach practice

“I have a huge influx of clients which is incredible for me, managing 16 clients right now who are in the 3-month program. 🙂 Never happened before. The work I am able to offer now is definitely so profound and transformative compared to what I did before for 6 years!” Nigora Normatova, Lifestyle Prescriptions® University Graduate.

Here are my 7 main reasons why I love Lifestyle Prescriptions® Root-Cause Analysis & Health Coaching:

  1. My background as a Health Coach for 6 years – very useful work yet not deeply
    transformative. As a health coach worked on lifestyle, diet, physical movement, breathing
    exercises. “Pushing” the client to eat better. “Selling” the idea of a better lifestyle and how it
    can positively impact their health, life, work, relationships.
  2. The rewards were there and very noticeable especially in weight loss, however after 5-6
    months the weight is back on and the old habits are back. This is when I realized the work is
    good but it is a temporary fix, a surface approach to someone’s difficulties.
  3. By chance came across LPU, started dwelling into the science of RCA, at first not quite
    connecting the dots…but within 6 months of the training started implementing the learnings
    and saw incredible responses from the clients. I didn’t know, they didn’t know that there is a
    deeper root cause to their self-sabotaging behavior, to their limiting beliefs, to their
    chronic health issues, to their emotional eating…
  4. Clients became a lot more engaged and even motivated once they realize they are not a lost
    cause, it is not their fault, and were very open to looking into the events from the past in order to
    resolve the deeply hidden emotions. As I practiced more I realized the power of EFT, QNB,
    reframing, value elicitation. After each session, my client would walk out stunned about what
    they just discovered and released.
  5. 1 year down the line, I am now running 15 clients at a time. My health coaching experience helps due to my vast knowledge of diet, gut health, and nutrient intake. Yet now diving deep into the root causes I no longer “sell” or “persuade” someone to eat better or drink more – they just do, because so much of the heavy emotions are being cleared and the client feels so much more at ease, clear, and very motivated to live a thriving life.
  6. The LPHC Certificate, the Masters and Ph.D. Degree Programs, enable me to allow the human intellect to function at its best capacity. At first, the client comes to me with a chronic health issue or a mental obstacle, yet after 3 months they leave with very few or no concerns because they feel very confident, strong, and crystal clear on how their biology speaks to them.
  7. I no longer have to “sell” or “promote” my coaching practice on my social media, I just share
    snippets of the emotional conflicts connected to which health issues and people can really
    resonate and be willing to dive deep. A gut protocol or a weight loss program just isn’t as
    enticing anymore.

People want and need deeper help.