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[Video] Why your memories can’t be trusted

Memory does not work like a video recorder. They are not stored like a file just waiting to be retrieved. It seems memories are actually formed in neural networks across the brain and every time they are recalled they can be subtly changed.

So if these memories are changeable, how much should we trust them?

Watch this fascinating video and explore the mysterious world of human memory, how false memories can be implanted and how this can be harnessed for good and ill.

Naturally, a major skill and technique for Lifestyle Prescriptions® Root-Cause Health Coaches are to elicit the specific traumatic or stress memory that triggers us into the fight-flight-freeze response (with specific organ-mind-brain symptoms).

And this video reminds us that “stressful” memories are just that.

We “save” past experiences as subjective, internal maps in our quantum field (matrix), and through proper guidance, we can become aware of them – release unresolved emotional hurts, let go of stress triggers, build new associations and most important develop new strategies and habits allowing us to heal and thrive.