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The Truth about Lifestyle Prescriptions® University (Part 1)

I know you can imagine how difficult it is to start a new university.

Well, it’s actually a lot worse …

When I talked to Arizona government officials about 5 years ago, they were in shock when I told them we want to start a new health/medicine university.

“Nobody has done that successfully for decades!”

Our team was determined to move forward because we firmly believed that there is a huge need for higher education in one of the fastest-growing and most needed healthcare modalities.

Chronic disease is out of hand with 60+% of adults suffering from pain, obesity, diabetes, anxiety, depression, addiction, and heart disease …

We quickly realized that

  • it’s not just going to be really, really difficult to establish a new US university,
  • that a huge investment is required,
  • state, federal & educational agencies want a major cut,
  • regulation is beyond excessive
  • we have to file permits in 50 states to even accept students,
  • we can’t teach what we believe is needed for healthcare providers,
  • and the list goes on and on …

At that point, I remembered the first minutes of our 2017 Lifestyle Medicine Documentary Film which went like this:

“Every industry has been disrupted and radically improved over the last decades. Think books (Amazon), Music (iTunes) … Only one industry has not been disrupted yet.”


I started to realize there’s another one that needs disruption:


Both industries are getting worse every year, quality goes down, fees go up, and it seems nobody is really interested to change the status quo.

Well, we don’t accept this status quo.

Education and healthcare need to change, otherwise, we never solve the Chronic Disease Epidemic and help the hundreds of millions of people needing help.

Honestly, I don’t want to look back 10 years from now and realize that the vast majority of people still have NO access to affordable Lifestyle Medicine and Health Coaching.

The science is clear. Lifestyle Medicine Works™.

But that’s not enough.

Like with habit improvement, we can talk about it, read books, and make nice plans but without implementation, nothing substantial will happen.

What we need are hundreds of thousands well trained Lifestyle Medicine Practitioners and Health Coaches with credentials.

And that’s what we are doing.

We make it happen.

Join our Lifestyle Prescriptions® University Official Launch Event next Sunday, July 16, 2023 @ 11 am EST | 16.00 UK | 19.00 Dubai.

Written by Johannes R. Fisslinger, Founder Lifestyle Prescriptions® University