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The Science is clear: Lifestyle is Medicine (and here’s how you can leverage it for successful outcomes)

Medicine is defined by Miriam-Webster’s Dictionary as “a substance or preparation used to treat disease” and “something that affcts wellbeing.” Traditional medicines generally are used to mitigate symptoms and may support the body’s efforts to heal short term, but they don’t actually improve or resolve disease processes.

However, after decades of research, it is now clear that lifestyle can be successfully used to not only prevent disease but treat disease. Patients with chronic diseases that were once thought to be a ‘life sentence’ are now able to restore their health by creating evidence-based lifestyle habits. This gives hope to patients and practitioners alike!

The science is clear. Adopting a healthy lifestyle can greatly improve or resolve the conditions that plague the largest percentage of our populations and are our top causes of mortality such as:

So why is lifestyle so effective?

Because healthy lifestyle habits (such as eating whole foods, being physically active, managing stress, and maintaining positive relationships) support our body’s own capacity to heal. It gives us what we naturally need to function in health.

Of course, patient compliance with lifestyle changes is a challenge that keeps many practitioners from pursuing Lifestyle Medicine if they don’t believe that their patients will make the needed changes. Well, the fact is that some will and some won’t, but it’s imperative to offer this life-saving “medicine” to those who will embrace it.

And the good news is … now there are proven behavioral solutions for improving patient compliance as well!

This doesn’t have to add more work to your already busy schedule. By hiring specially trained and certified health coaches onto your team, you can improve patient outcomes and actually grow your revenue!

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Written by Susan Good