6 Root Cause Series – Part 4: Emotions

Our emotional habits can have a positive or negative impact on our well-being. Suppressing emotions or becoming consumed by them often leads to destructive behaviors. Productive emotional habits allow us to utilize emotions for our benefit. We can improve our emotional state by cultivating practices that allow our emotions to be positive guiding forces instead of our worst nightmares.

6 Root Causes Series – Part 3: Lifestyle

Article Overview Problem: Risky Lifestyle Habits Solution: Empowering Lifestyle Habits Lifestyle Prescription®: 7-days of Lifestyle Medicine Summary: The third of Lifestyle Prescription University’s 6 Root Causes that we will highlight in this series is Lifestyle. In this article, we will briefly overview lifestyle habits and their relationship to health. We will explore each lifestyle habit further in a future… Continue reading 6 Root Causes Series – Part 3: Lifestyle