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Radical Healing Skin Eczema | Client Case

The body knows how to heal itself if we address the root-causes!

Even after all these years, I still think this is a revolutionary idea and one that can bring freedom and empowerment to so many people.

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I wanted to share a recent client case from one of our Lifestyle Prescriptions® Health Coach students in South Africa, Chris Botha, so you can see the powerful effect that simply processing unresolved emotional hurt can have on the body.

Chris had a young woman come to him for coaching for eczema on her eyelid and the inside of her left elbow. Due to his training, Chris immediately knew that this was his clients body communicating that there was some aspect of her emotional life that was unresolved. We call this Organ-Mind-Brain Anatomy model or the link between body, mind and life.

In this case the part of the body reacting was the skin-epidermis and the eyelid so Chris knew the conflict theme would be a loss of touch and visual separation.

With this way of working the next step is to establish the timeline – how long the symptoms have been present and how often and then empower the client to make connections between their life and their symptoms. So Chris coached his client on the 9 points and phases of healing and how the skin reacts in stress and regeneration.

From there they were able to connect the skin issues with the deep anger his client felt towards her mothers boyfriend and with not being able to see her mother. A session of Precision EFT cleared these unprocessed emotions and Chris guided his client by writing a Lifestyle Prescription® to continue with EFT at home if more emotions arose.

Through Chris’s skill as a Root-Cause Health Coach, his clients willingness to look at her symptoms in a new way and the incredible, innate ability of the body to heal, all the symptoms of eczema – swelling, itching and pain – subsided in just four days and she reported back that she was in ‘7th heaven’.

I just wanted to add here that the mainstream view on eczema is as follows: “Treatments for eczema can help to ease the symptoms. Eczema is likely to be caused by a combination of things. People with eczema often have very dry skin because their skin is unable to retain much moisture. You may be born with an increased likelihood of developing eczema because of the genes you inherit from your parents. Treatment for eczema can help to relieve the symptoms and many cases improve over time. But there’s currently no cure”  https://www.nhs.uk/conditions/atopic-eczema/

It’s time for healthcare to evolve to the next level, away from the symptom management model to one where the client is empowered and the body’s innate ability to auto-regulate is recognized and supported.

Written by Emma Patricio, LPHC

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