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Case Study: Conjunctivitis Healed

I recently traveled South to attend the funeral of a close friend’s father who was 96 and had had a wonderful life.

Although we talk every week or so, I had not seen my friend for six years. This was my first foray away from my town and the furthest trip I have done in the last 4 months!

I arrived at the Crematorium early and my friend arrived 10 minutes later so we could have some time to catch up before the others arrived. As we talked, I noticed my eyes running, particularly the left one and I commented that my hay fever was playing up and so I took a homeopathic remedy.

We went through the service, all 12 of us socially distanced and masked, and then 6 of us went back to the house for tea on the front lawn. My eye watered more and more, and just before I left to drive home, I looked in the bathroom mirror and saw my left eye was red. Driving home my eye got more and more irritated, scratchy, itchy and red which made driving unpleasant.

So what does this experience mean from a Root-Cause Health Coaching and Organ-Mind-Brain Anatomy point of view?

On that long trip home, I finally allowed myself to focus on the symptom, and noted exactly when it started – at the Crematorium when I saw my friend.  I had been looking forward to catching up and this is what then happened:

  • I am left-handed (dominant side), so my left eye showed me that my symptoms were to do with my friend and seeing them again.
  • The left conjunctiva, the clear skin covering my eye (unbeknownst to me as there were no observable symptoms) had gone into a stress phase which had thinned the tissue.  The stress trigger for this very likely was me thinking about seeing my friend.
  • The moment I saw my friend, the tissue started to go into regeneration and repair with the skin becoming red and inflamed – causing the itchy and scratchy sensations which I put down to hay fever initially.
  • The conjunctiva has a theme of ‘visual separation’ which did fit perfectly with my experience.

I started to do Precision EFT Tapping while driving – I imagined myself tapping the points – I knew exactly which situation had caused the symptoms and laser focused on that situation, both before and after the symptoms appeared.

The next day my eye was red but not itchy and by the 2nd day all the symptoms had gone. If left to its own devices, viral conjunctivitis can take 7-14 days to recover, but by taking out the stored energy of the stress accumulated there by using Precision EFT, I reduced it to 2 painless days.

I knew it was viral because a bacterial infection would cause pus and stickiness, I had none of that.

I also knew that as my symptoms were to do with the epidermis, this has its origins in the Cerebral Cortex and viruses are the medium through which repair is carried out in these tissues.

Annie Gedye, Lifestyle Prescriptions Health Coach and LPU Faculty
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