Lifestyle Medicine Works Book (Launch)

Gratitude is one of the most powerful emotions and states of mind. Research has shown that the habit of

3 Gratitude Exercises Guaranteed To Make You Feel Happy [Today’s Lifestyle Prescription®]

Our Lifestyle Medicine Spotlight this week is on the importance of sleep and how our perceived stress levels and

Lifestyle, Stress and Sleep (with 6 Restorative Sleep Solutions)

Dawson Church, PhD, is an award-winning author and science writer with three best-selling books “The Genie in Your Genes”,

HealthiWealthi™ Podcast: Trauma, Emotions, Epigenetics and Bliss Brain with Dawson Church

Sometimes, real-life experiences are the most powerful teachers. My grandma had breast cancer and went through a horrendous experience

Are Spontaneous Regressions of Breast Cancer possible? by Johannes R. Fisslinger

Picture yourself taking a daily walk down a path through the woods. The path is clear and the way

The Power of Habit | Tamara Golden RN, NBC-HWC, LPU Graduate

Why do we get symptoms of pain or sickness? Do you know there is a process that the body

Here’s the Real Reason People “Catch the Flu”

Sometimes feelings of upset, anger, or frustration 👿 can be actually really good. Think about it: If a tiger

I am angry (Here is why …)

Why do my IBS symptoms keep returning? It can be confusing and worrying not knowing why you have IBS

Why do my IBS symptoms keep returning?

Dr. Mohammad Ilyas Yamani is a board-certified Internal Medicine Physician, a value-based primary care provider specialized in lifestyle medicine.

HealthiWealthi™ Podcast: Dr. Yamani | Why the Fee-for-Service Model is Not Sustainable and How Value-Based Care is the Solution

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