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Case Study Introduction Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD) is a chronic mental health condition characterized by excessive, uncontrollable worry about a variety of topics, such as personal health, work, social interactions, and everyday routine life circumstances. This pervasive worry is often disproportionate to the actual source of concern, it is about the future and actually feels

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It seems one country is leading the way in building a new healthcare system by training physicians in nutrition, setting a powerful precedent for the rest of the world. The National Ministry of Health recognizes the therapeutic effect of nutrition on chronic diseases stating that: “Drugs control diseases and nutrients repair cells!” At the same

This country trains physicians in nutrition (and …)

Our emotional habits can have a positive or negative impact on our well-being. Suppressing emotions or becoming consumed by them often leads to destructive behaviors. Productive emotional habits allow us to utilize emotions for our benefit. We can improve our emotional state by cultivating practices that allow our emotions to be positive guiding forces instead of our worst nightmares.

6 Root Cause Series – Part 4: Emotions

Article Overview Problem: Risky Lifestyle Habits Solution: Empowering Lifestyle Habits Lifestyle Prescription®: 7-days of Lifestyle Medicine Summary: The third of Lifestyle Prescription University’s 6 Root Causes that we will highlight in this series is Lifestyle. In this article, we will briefly overview lifestyle habits and their relationship to health. We will explore each lifestyle habit further in a future

6 Root Causes Series – Part 3: Lifestyle

It’s been said many times: Follow the money … and I believe it also applies to our healthcare system. Let me explain why 100,000 full-time and well-trained health coaches in the US will fix the US healthcare system, save $ BILLIONS in healthcare costs, why it’s not a dream but a necessity and a reality

Improve Health Outcomes. Fix Healthcare. Save Billions. Create 100,000 Jobs – A No-Brainer Strategy!

“In a few decades, we’ll look back and realize how one new habit transformed healthcare”. Johannes R. Fisslinger MA, LPHCS, HWC, Founder Lifestyle Prescriptions® University   In 2011, I woke up one morning in a dream-like state and thought to myself: “Why is nobody writing Lifestyle Prescriptions®“? Even though I’ve been training healthcare providers in

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90% of the national US $3.8 trillion in annual health care spending is for people with chronic and mental health conditions. 6 in 10 adults in the US have a chronic disease; 4 in 10 have two or more. Chronic diseases have significant health and economic costs. Preventing chronic diseases, or managing symptoms when prevention is not possible, can reduce these costs.

Shouldn’t healthcare providers Prescribe Lifestyle Medicine? | Lifestyle Medicine Summit Oct. 20-29, 2023

Article Overview Problem: No or Low-Quality Social Connections Solution: Good Relationships Lifestyle Prescription®: 7-day Relationship Remedy Summary: Our social environment is the second of Lifestyle Prescriptions® University’s 6 Root Causes that we will highlight in this series. This article will explore how our social life is deeply connected to our health. Loneliness and unhealthy social

6 Root Cause Series – Part 2: Social

Article Overview Problem: Chronic Stress Solution: Daily Stress Relief Practices Lifestyle Prescription®: 7-day Stress Relief Challenge Summary: Stress is the first of Lifestyle Prescriptions® University’s 6 Root Causes that we will highlight in this series. In this article, we will look at stress related to our overall health then later in the series we will

The 6 Root Causes Series – Part 1: Stress

I know you can imagine how difficult it is to start a new university. Well, it’s actually a lot worse … When I talked to Arizona government officials about 5 years ago, they were in shock when I told them we want to start a new health/medicine university. “Nobody has done that successfully for decades!” Our team was determined to move forward because we firmly believed that there is a huge need for higher education in one of the fastest-growing and most needed healthcare modalities. Chronic disease is out of hand with 60+% of adults suffering from pain, obesity, diabetes, anxiety, depression, addiction, and heart disease …

The Truth about Lifestyle Prescriptions® University (Part 1)

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Original Published on Dr. Robert Pearl’s website Demoralization syndrome is a disorder frequently connected to terminal illness and it is marked by a sense of hopelessness and lack of purpose. For a long time, doctors have diagnosed many sick patients with this syndrome. Today, more and more American doctors are experiencing a similar condition. However,

Physician burnout is not due to overwork: We are demoralized by the sick systems we work for (Robert Pearl MD)

If you are like most people, chances are you always start your morning with a warm cup of coffee. However, due to its high caffeine content, long-term or high coffee consumption has been associated with some side effects. What if, for the next seven days, you go for something healthier that’s good for your gut

5 Healthy drinks you can drink on an empty stomach

Yoga is an ancient practice that involves balancing the mind and body through exercise, meditation and breath control. Yoga offers both mental and physical health benefits to people of all ages. A comprehensive review of one year yoga research in 2020 shows that people who practiced yoga regularly saw significant improvements in stress and anxiety,

5 Yoga poses you can do in bed with surprising health benefits.

Virtual monopolies exist in almost every healthcare sector: from hospitals and health systems to medical groups and single specialties backed by private equity. With so much consolidation of power and influence, U.S. healthcare has become a conglomerate of monopolies; the subject of this continuing series. When it comes to claiming market control, pharmaceutical companies stand

Pharma Companies: A Conglomerate Of Monopolies. (By Dr. Robert Pearl)

The Taylor Swift ticketing debacle of 2022 left thousands of frustrated ‘Swifties’ without a chance to see their favorite artist in concert. And it also highlighted the trouble that arises when companies like Ticketmaster gain monopolistic control. In any industry, market consolidation limits competition, choice and access to goods and services, all of which drive up prices. But

U.S. Healthcare: A Conglomerate Of Monopolies (By Dr. Robert Pearl)

As the New Year begins, a trio of healthcare statistics cast an intense and unflattering light on a nation in crisis. These figures, all of them unimaginable just a generation ago, set the stage for a financial reckoning in 2023 and beyond. Shocking stat No. 1: The number of Americans on Medicaid Without looking it

3 shocking healthcare statistics for 2023 (Dr. Robert Pearl)