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5 Healthy drinks you can drink on an empty stomach

If you are like most people, chances are you always start your morning with a warm cup of coffee. However, Continue Reading

5 Healthy drinks you can drink on an empty stomach

Yoga is an ancient practice that involves balancing the mind and body through exercise, meditation and breath control. Yoga offers both mental and Read More

5 Yoga poses you can do in bed with surprising health benefits.

Demoralization syndrome is a disorder frequently connected to terminal illness and it is marked by a sense of hopelessness and lack of purpose. Read More

Physician burnout is not due to overwork: We are demoralized by the sick systems we work for.

Virtual monopolies exist in almost every healthcare sector: from hospitals and health systems to medical groups and single specialties backed by private equity. Read More

Pharma Companies: A Conglomerate Of Monopolies. (By Dr. Robert Pearl)

The Taylor Swift ticketing debacle of 2022 left thousands of frustrated ‘Swifties’ without a chance to see their favorite artist in concert. And it also Read More

U.S. Healthcare: A Conglomerate Of Monopolies (By Dr. Robert Pearl)

It’s been said many times: Follow the money … and I believe it also applies to our healthcare system. Let me explain why Read More

Improve Health Outcomes. Fix Healthcare. Save Billions. Create 100,000 Jobs – A No-Brainer Strategy!

As the New Year begins, a trio of healthcare statistics cast an intense and unflattering light on a nation in crisis. These figures, Read More

3 shocking healthcare statistics for 2023 (Dr. Robert Pearl)

Between producers and consumers, you’ll find a cadre of professionals who broker deals, facilitate transactions, and move goods and services along. They’re called Read More

The middleman mentality is killing American medicine (Dr. Robert Pearl)

Healthcare systems globally have a variety of challenges they need to resolve to provide their citizens services they deserve. For example, the United Read More

Africa 2023 Healthcare: Improving health outcomes by creating 10,000+ Health Coach jobs

Lifestyle Medicine is going mainstream. And it’s about time. In yesterday’s city hall news conference, NYC Major Eric Adams announced a historic call Read More

BREAKING NEWS: NYC Mayor Adams announces Lifestyle Medicine initiative

Picture yourself taking a daily walk down a path through the woods. The path is clear and the way to go is obvious Read More

The Power of Habit | Tamara Golden RN, NBC-HWC, LPU Graduate

Our Lifestyle Medicine Spotlight this week is on the importance of sleep and how our perceived stress levels and disruptive lifestyle habits during Read More

Lifestyle, Stress and Sleep (with 6 Restorative Sleep Solutions)

Lifestyle Medicine, Health Coaching, Prescribing Lifestyle Medicine, and Lifestyle Prescriptions® have been extensively researched. Here’s a small selection showing efficacy and the potential Read More

Research Lifestyle Medicine, Health Coaching and Lifestyle Prescriptions®

Dawson Church, PhD, is an award-winning author and science writer with three best-selling books “The Genie in Your Genes”, “Mind to Matter”, and Read More

HealthiWealthi™ Podcast: Trauma, Emotions, Epigenetics and Bliss Brain with Dawson Church

In the United States, patients aren’t getting what they pay for. Not even close. Today, healthcare costs more than $12,500 per year per American. The Read More

Healthcare Leadership: Following The Money Can Lead To Positive Change (Dr. Robert Pearl)

The upcoming holidays invite us to slow down, enjoy family and friends, and read good books that nourish and empower us to live Read More

Holiday Reading: Lifestyle Medicine Works and HealthiWealthi™ Solutions (Free Download)

I’ve lived in California for 20 years and have heard about a thousand times motivational and goal setting advice like this: “You can Read More

Will Power vs. Habits? Who’s the winner?

It’s happening … Prescribing Lifestyle Medicine and Lifestyle Prescriptions® are finding their way into doctors’ offices ( … even if they are as Read More

Scottish Doctors authorized to prescribe nature to patients